Heather – Majority Owner, Chief Self-Defense Instructor

Heather, co-owner of AZO Civil Services/Kalamazoo Combatives & Tactical Advantage Guns (Gun store/FFL Dealer), grew up hunting with her father, Guy. This experience, combined with her being a CPL Holder and Hunter Safety Instructor, led to her desire to start the company with husband Brent. While still in college, Heather became a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and used this experience to become Kalamazoo Combatives’ Chief Self-Defense Instructor. She also is a certified instructor in Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Home Firearm Safety, and Personal Protection (Both inside and outside the home), & an Advanced Instructor for MCRGO. She also sits on the Education Committee for MCRGO.

In addition to managing and running a training company and gun store, she also teaches High School Bio-Medical Science and A.P. Chemistry. Heather also runs a Women’s Only Shooting Group called “A Girl and A Gun” with Angel. If she’s not teaching, running a class, or working with the ‘Ladies’ Heather can be found behind the counter assisting customers at the gun store or spending time with her family.


Brent – Co-owner, Chief Firearms Instructor, NRA Training Counselor, MCRGO Advanced Instructor, Chief CPR Instructor

Brent is the Co-owner of AZO Civil Services/Kalamazoo Combatives & Tactical Advantage Guns (Gun Store/FFL Dealer). In 2009 Brent attended the United State Border Patrol Academy where he learned about the combative application of the pistol, Rifle, & Shotgun in self-defense. After returning from the academy Brent and Heather decided to start a business where they could bring life-saving training to law abiding citizens.

Currently, Brent is an NRA Training Counselor and Instructor in the disciplines of pistol, rifle, shotgun, home firearm safety, and personal protection (both inside and outside the home). He is also the Chief Firearms Instructor and in charge of our Advanced Firearms Classes.

A proud lifetime member of the NRA and MCRGO, Brent also stays active in helping to maintain the citizen’s right to self-defense. In addition to his NRA credentials, Brent is an Advanced Instructor for MCRGO, and an active American Heart Association instructor for BLS and Heartsaver CPR and First Aid as well as an ECSI Instructor for Lay Rescuer 1st Aid and CPR/AED.

When he isn’t busy with the store or teaching, Brent can be found as a Living Historian for World War II and the American Civil War. He also enjoys spending time hunting, scuba diving, shooting competitively, and being with his family.

Corey – Instructor, Sales Associate

A 10-year Army veteran with combat experience, Corey has been around many different types of firearms and loves everything to do with them. During the week, Corey can be found staffing the gun store and meeting our customers’ needs. He joined the training staff of AZO Civil Services/Kalamazoo Combatives in 2015 and became RSO Certified shortly thereafter. In 2016, he continued his training by becoming a Certified Instructor in the disciplines of Pistol and Personal Protection in The Home. His burning desire is to one day become a Training Counselor so he will be able to train others as certified firearms instructors.

When not working at the gun store or training students in the safe & efficient use of gun handling, Corey can be found honing his own skills with his personal handguns and rifles, as well as spending quality time with his family.

Angel – Instructor

Angel began her shooting career in 2007 when she met her husband Ben who got her into blackpowder shooting. Her passion for guns has only grown stronger since that day. She met the owners of AZO/Kalamazoo Combatives during her CPL class she took from them and after some discussion, she and Ben joined their staff.  Angel is certified by the NRA to instruct in the disciplines of Pistol, and Personal Protection in the Home as well as a certified MCRGO Instructor

Angel spends most Saturdays either instructing during our Concealed Handgun course, or at blackpowder shooting competitions. When she’s not doing either of those, she’s working with  “A Girl and A Gun” or instructing new shooters during private one on one training.

When not working with AZO/Kalamazoo Combatives, Angel works at a counseling business in Portage.

Guy – Instructor

Guy cannot remember a time when he didn’t have a gun in his hand growing up. As part of a family active in shooting sports, mainly hunting, he was able to enjoy the firearms from a young age. He has had a Michigan CPL since 2001 when the law changed to a “shall-issue” standard, and firmly believes those with the ability to carry, should!

Certified through the NRA and MCRGO, Guy actively instructs in the disciplines of pistol, rifle, shotgun, home firearm safety, and personal protection (both inside and outside the home). He is a certified re-loader and spends much of his time reloading for training courses and recreational shooting.

When he isn’t instructing, or reloading, he can be found farming his 200-acre family farm in Northern Michigan & spending quality time with his wife and other family.

Ben – Instructor (13MAY1978 – 18JULY2017) (RIP & SEMPER FI MARINE!)

A veteran of the United States Marine Corps as a Machine Gunner, Ben became a great asset to AZO’s training staff in 2015. An avid shooter in all types of firearms, Ben especially loves Blackpowder Rifles. He enjoyed shooting those type of rifles competitively alongside his wife Angel and strived to rise through the ranks of blackpowder competition as well as becoming the best instructor he could be! Ben passed away suddenly and unexpected in July of 2017 and will be forever missed at AZO/Kalamazoo Combatives!

Ben is certified in the disciplines of Pistol and Personal Protection in The Home. He enjoys teaching others how to safely and effectively use a firearm and loves instructing new shooters during our one on one private instruction.

Rick – Instructor

Rick has always enjoyed (Bow, Shotgun, Crossbow) hunting and clay pigeon shooting since a fairly early age.

Being Brent’s father, he has worked with AZO Civil Services/Kalamazoo Combatives since its inception in 2010. He thought when he retired from over 35 years in the sheet metal industry he would have all the free time in the world, but he soon found out he would be busier than ever. As one of AZO’s lead CPR/AED Instructors, Rick brings over 30 years of experience in that discipline alone.

Upon Brent’s return from the Border Patrol, Rick started shooting handguns with him and instantly became hooked. Shortly thereafter Rick became Instructor Certified in the disciplines of Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Home Firearms Safety, and Personal Protection (Both in the home and outside the home).

When he’s not busy with teaching or helping in the store on occasion, Rick enjoys Fishing, Hunting, Camping and spending time with his family.