Beginner Courses

This is a great way to learn the fundamentals of firearm safety and accuracy before taking the Concealed Carry class or any other firearms course. We will partner you with one (or more) of our NRA\MCRGO Certified Firearms Instructors at a rate of $50 per hour, per person. They will teach you how firearms operate, how to use them safely, how to load, fire, unload a variety of firearms, and how to clean the various firearms.  Typically, during a 2-hour private lesson, we can cover the same material that would be covered in the NRA Basic Pistol course which lasts over 8 hrs, with the only difference being we do not cover guns you are not interested in; you will not leave with a certificate of completion, just the most important part…knowledge! A private learning environment ensures all of your questions will be answered and you understand everything you need to before you leave.

  • Cost: $50 per hour (Per Person, discounted rates avail. for multiple people at the same time, up to 4)
  • Included: Firearms (If you do not already have your own that you want to work with), Ammo, Targets and a Safe learning environment
  • Discounts: Couples Special, 2 people taking the private lesson together, get 2 hours for a flat fee of $150 total
  • Length: 1-2 hours typically
This course is designed for the student that has a basic knowledge of firearms and firearm safety or none whatsoever. This course covers firearm safety rules & storage rules, marksmanship, self-defense and legal requirements for using a handgun for personal protection and discusses various options for concealed carry and using/storing a firearm in & out of the home. This course exceeds what is required by the State of Michigan if you want to apply for, and receive your Concealed Pistol License.

  • Cost: $100 per person
  • Includes: Materials, Certificate of Completion, & Box Lunch
  • Discounts: Multiple discounts available, view class description on the calendar for more details
  • Length of Course: 9-10 Hours (with breaks, guided range-time, lunch)
  • Required Items: Firearm (Free rentals available), 100 rounds of ammo, 2 magazines (Semi-Auto) or 2 speedloaders (Revolvers), Eye & Ear Protection

Intermediate/Advanced Courses

Every great athlete/competitor has to start with the ESSENTIALS!  If you take your own as well as your family’s safety seriously, then you should start with that as well!

This course is completed mostly on the range. We will meet at the store in the morning to register and then have a discussion about what we consider the essentials of pistol shooting, the proper mindset for carrying and using a handgun in self-defense, review carry tips, equipment selection etc… After this discussion, we will head to the range & move to the firing line to work on the human contact with the gun (unloaded) even before we start shooting live rounds. We begin with the essentials/fundamentals to make sure everyone has those mastered. The grip, your stance, using your sights etc.. All of our drills are designed to better prepare you for the battle we hope you never have to get involved in. We will also cover drawing from the holster, increasing speed of shooting while maintaining accuracy, shooting from various positions, shooting and moving and more.
This class is perfect for those that already have their CPL or have handled a handgun before and they are looking to better prepare themselves to use a handgun in self-defense. This is not a course for those who have never shot a gun or who have very little experience (You must know the nomenclature/names of the parts of the handgun and how to operate YOUR gun before you may attend).
  • Cost: $125
  • Included: Certificate of Completion from AZO Civil Services
  • Discounts: $25 off if you have attended a class with AZO previously; $25 off for A Girl and A Gun Members (Proof required)
  • What is Needed: Firearm (2 recommended in the event one malfunctions), 250-300 rounds of ammo, Strong-side hip holster, 3 magazines/speedloaders, & a magazine/speed loader pouch
  • Length of Course: 6-7 Hours (mostly on the range)
This course is a great follow-up to Intermediate Pistol, but you are not required to have completed our Intermediate Pistol course prior to this; you only need to have verifiable pistol shooting and holster-drawing experience.



This course will cover the basics of operating, using, disassembly, cleaning and reassembly of rifles in the AR/AK platforms. Please stay tuned for a more detailed description and schedule of these classes!

Additional Information

If you cancel any firearms class with more than 7 days notice, you are entitled to a full refund minus a $25 administration fee. Alternatively, you may transfer your entire payment to a new class taking place within 90 days of the original class. This type of transfer can only happen once.

If you cancel your class with less than 7 days notice, you forfeit your entire payment for that class and will not be refunded any money. You may, however, transfer the entire payment to a new class taking place within 90 days of your original class with no further penalties. This type of transfer can only happen once.

If you do not show up at the appropriate date and time for your class (No Call, No Show) you forfeit your entire payment for that class and will not be refunded any money. You may NOT transfer the money to a new class, and you will have to pay in full for another class if you choose to register in the future.

For extenuating circumstances, (Family Emergencies, etc…) you MUST contact AZO as soon as possible and our staff will determine if we can refund your money or get you transferred to another class instead of losing your entire payment. This is handled on a case by case basis and is at the sole discretion of AZO Civil Services.

Any questions regarding our cancellation policy, please write, call, or stop in to see us during our regular business hours.

Firearms Training

AZO Civil Services offers a variety of firearms training courses. We have classes for someone who has never shot a gun before and wants to learn how to handle it safely, all the way to advanced pistol, rifle, and shotgun training. Read the descriptions on this page and then check our calendar for the class of your choice. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us.


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