CPL / CCW Classes

Frequently Asked Questions

At AZO Civil Services, we typically run classes on 2 Saturdays, 1 Friday, and 1 Sunday every month. Some months have more, some fewer depending on our training schedule and holidays etc… You only need to sign up for one class as these are a 1 day only class. Click Here to view our schedule and click on the “CPL Class” of your choice for more information and to sign up.
CPL and CCW are two distinct terms that are used interchangeably to describe the carrying of a concealed pistol.

A CPL is the concealed pistol license. This is the license that allows those who meet the requirements set by the State of Michigan to carry a pistol concealed on their person, or loaded in a vehicle.

Technically, a CCW is the crime of carrying a concealed weapon without a license. However, it doubles as a slang term for a CPL.

1. Simply put, we are the best! Now I know you may think that sounds quite arrogant, but we are, and that is because WE CARE ABOUT YOU!  You are NOT just a number here. At some of the other places in town, they treat you just like that. They are more concerned about how many students they can get into each class instead of caring about the total experience. We strive to make you feel a part of the AZO Family! We want you to leave knowing it was worth your time and money and knowing you can come back to us any time with any question you may have.

2. We are PROFESSIONAL! We hire only the highest qualified instructors who must maintain our high-standards of training and ethics. All of our instructors have Military, Law Enforcement, Public Safety, or other qualified backgrounds and have a passion to educate and inform the students. We use a professional classroom. We use a professionally maintained and SAFE range, close to our store/classroom. It’s safe, clean, fun, and you don’t have to drive out to the middle of nowhere to get to it! We also have a professional staff working in our store. No matter if you are there for guns, ammo, accessories, or survival gear, we will have it in stock (or order it for you!) Just tell us what you are looking for and we can get it if it’s not already in stock!

3. We include a quality lunch. Most other places leave lunch up to you which delays the class and costs you extra time and/or money.  We have partnered with Erbert and Gerbert’s and are able to include the catered-in box-lunch as part of what you pay for the class.

So to summarize this, we at AZO may not be the cheapest in town, but cheap doesn’t always mean it’s the best! we are among the most qualified and have the highest level professional instructors around. You will see our quality of instruction and professionalism from the moment you step foot into our classroom, and that will continue throughout the entire day until you leave the range! Give us a chance, call us, or schedule your class online today!

We conduct the course that was created by the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners. As part of the cost of the class, the MCRGO includes a 1-year membership to their organization. The only thing you will receive from them is a quarterly newsletter. However, and most importantly, this gives you access to their “Ask a Lawyer” section of their website, where you can receive FREE answers to your questions related to concealed carry and Michigan’s firearms laws.

You will also receive a certificate of completion which you will need when you submit your application to the County Clerk.

Our class costs $100 (price includes a catered lunch from Erbert & Gerbert’s). Upon successful completion of the course, you receive the certificate which the State of Michigan requires in order for you to apply for your license at the County Clerk’s Office.

The State and County fees total $100 and there will be a $15 charge for fingerprinting

In addition to the fees for the license, you will want to invest around $400 or more in a high quality pistol for your concealed carry firearm and holster. Stop by our store, Tactical Advantage Guns to get set-up for your conceal carry equipment today!

Our Customers…

“I signed up for the CPL class in the summer of 2013 with my wife. We were both novices, neither of us had even shot a handgun, ever. We came out not only very familiar with the laws but also with the basic shooting skills to get the ball rolling. My wife had problems with the heat and couldn’t complete the shooting portion but Brent made special arrangement for a private tutoring so she could finish up.

Since then we both have our CPL and I’ve taken their advanced pistol training to help me become very competent and ‘combat ready’. It’s a class I highly recommend. To carry and be skilled enough to be ready, the advanced class is a must. These teachers really know how to help you get there. Thank you AZO, you knocked it out of the park every time.”

John C.